Leela's main area of expertise is in assisting adults whose lives have been affected by type one and type two diabetes and the complications which can arise as a result of long term life with this health condition. Leela also welcomes anyone who would like to explore how any type of chronic illness has impacted their mental health. In-office 55 minute therapy sessions utilize cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and an exploration of one's chronic illness story to assist clients with the following:

  • Adjustment to a new diagnosis
  • Grief and loss as it relates to chronic illness
  • Depression as it relates to health issues
  • Diabetes burnout
  • Diabetes distress
  • Fear of diabetes complications
  • Fear of hypoglycemia
  • Navigating diabetes technology choices
  • Changing health behaviors
  • Loving one's pancreas, loving one's self
  • Loving one's body, embracing changes
  • Managing the effects of chronic health issues on the family
  • Loving someone with diabetes, including yourself